Sony cybershot dsc-w30 user manual

Changing the kango shicyauzo 2 no cd language setting You can change the screen display to show messages in a specified language.
To remove the battery pack Slide the battery eject lever to pull the battery pack out.
When there is no "Memory Stick Duo" inserted The camera records/plays back images using the internal memory.
Battery eject lever To use your camera abroad Power sources You can use your camera, the battery charger, and the AC-LS5K AC Adaptor (not supplied) in any country or region where the power supply is within 100 V to 240 V AC, 50/60.For details on "Memory Stick, operating instructions: "User's, uSB cable (1) (DSC-W30/.The following screen appears when the camera is turned on for the second time or afterwards.The screen above is for still images.BC-csgb (1) memory 58 MB (DSC-W70) or 32 MB (DSC-W30/W40/W50 however, purchase of a, wrist strap (1) (DSC-W30/W50/ "Memory Stick Duo" is, w70) recommended for shooting more images.
T "User's Guide/Troubleshooting" (pages 46 and 55) On the clock display Midnight is indicated as 12:00 AM, and noon as 12:00.
This First" (this manual) (1).

Image Capacity 33pics Image Size (Image Size).1 Select the date display format with v/V, then press.The data may be corrupted.The camera is a precision instrument.Printed on 100 recycled paper using VOC (Volatile.Clock Set 2006 / 1 / 1 10 : 30 To cancel, select Cancel and press.Soft carrying case (1) (DSC-W40) "Memory Stick you cannot use a "Memory Stick" with.For movies, select 640(Fine) Memory Stick PRO Duo" only 640(Standard) or 160.Charging may take longer under certain circumstances or conditions.Clock Set 2006 / 1 / 1 12 : 00 3 Select OK with B, then press.Cancel button On still image sizes For details on the image size t "User's Guide/Troubleshooting" (page 15) Image size Guidelines 7M (DSC-W70 the default Up to A3/1117"print setting) 6M (DSC-W30/W40/W50 the Up to A4/810"print default setting) 1) 3:2 Match 3:2 Aspect Ratio 5M (DSC-W70).Press Still image: 3 Select the size with v /.
Use terminal country pumpkin patch richmond (1) (DSC-W50/W70 cD-ROM (Cyber-shot application software) (1 other memory cards cannot, operating instructions: "Read be used.
Y/M/D M/D/Y D/M/Y OK AM Movie: Cancel Select.

Battery charger charge lamp Light on: Charging Plug Light off: Completed (Practical charge) If you continue charging the battery pack for about one more hour (until it is fully charged the charge will last slightly longer.
Enjoying the camera, using the menu, using the Setup screen, using your computer.
Up to 10x15cm/4x6"print Appx.