Silver bullet paintball gun owners manual

One player reported a 15 bps firing rate, even though Psycho Ballistics specs.
Requires 9 volt battery.
Best Paintball Guns for Purchase, recommended Sources.You can mount anything without using a block adapter.Do you run a site that should be listed here?This Psycho Ballistics marker is conservative on gas: One player got 1200 shots out of a 20oz CO2 tank in 50-60 degree weather.Comments, you may need to shave out part of the grip with a dremmel in order to allow the solonoid to operate optimally, otherwise when pressure is applied to the grip, the solonoid rubs up against it not allowing it to move as fast resulting.The stock barrel on the Silver dolphin premier pool cleaner manual Bullet is loud.The stock bolt on the Bullet is a bit short so it is difficult to recock.The owners manual for the Silver Bullet is poorly written.The chrome flakes off the marker; suggest buying the black version.The LCD version of this marker seems to be a much better gun.The Silver Bullet has an adjustable trigger with a mouse click trigger.
The stock barrel on the Silver Bullet is loud and not accurate.

Link to this site and then tell us about it).A number of reports the stock barrel is not accurate on this Psycho Ballistics gun.This Psycho Ballistics marker uses up 9V batteries quickly; suggest using a rechargeable battery.This Psycho Ballistics marker uses up 9V batteries quickly; suggest using a rechargeable.The bolt on the Bullet is a bit short so it is difficult to recock.It has no porting.The grips are cruddy, and one player reported the plastic covering the LCD falls off all the time; use locktite.The Silver Bullet uses standard Spyder compatible parts for upgrading, and accepts Spyder barrel threads.Silver Bullet Paintball Marker (click to enlarge the Psycho Ballistic Silver Bullet is an electronic marker with an advanced electronic trigger frame supporting button controlled semi, 3-burst, and full auto firing modes, a rate of fire up to 13 bps, a fore grip with regulator.So you will need a hopper that supports 15 bps.Psycho Ballistics is owned by National Paintball Supply.The Silver Bullet will become accurate and quiet with an upgraded barrel.Reviews, when you read a marker's reviews, patterns can be seen. .This Psycho Ballistic marker doesn't chop balls with a good hopper.230, weaknesses, the LCD on the Bullet is difficult to see in daylight, but you can see it if you shield it with your hand.The Psycho Ballistics has a very fast rate of fire, really can shoot 20 bps auto (with a good hopper 12bps on semi.
The following points have been compiled from various Psycho Ballistic marker reviews.

Use their search box; enter "paintball gun "paintball hopper or whatever you are looking for.
The Bullet does not chop paintballs, provided your hopper can support the rate of fire.