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Members edit Former members Shingo drums (19901992) Iso drums (1992) Akira drums (19921994) Nobumasa drums (19941995) Support members edit Toshimitsu "Toshi" Nagai drums (1995present) Seiichiro Nagai keyboards (2007present) Former support members Daijiro "D.I.E." Nozawa keyboards (19951998) Shigeo "Shige/sk55" Komori keyboards (19982004) Yuta Saitou keyboards (20042005).
"Art Style of Glay" was located in the Winning Hall, a famous building in the city and remained open until 2007.
In January 2009, the band announced several activities as concert tours during the year and two special concerts at the Nissan Stadium in August.31 2010present: Loversoul Music Associates edit On April 1, 2010, Glay released "Apologize a free digital single that, according to Takuro, was a signal of gratitude to the fans.For other uses, see, glay (disambiguation).The reasons were obscure, but the event managed to delay the band's work.I had my first solo exhibition, autocontrole, at logo gallery, in June 2014, in São Paulo.Your browser will take you to a Web page (URL) associated with that DOI name.This was the issue that started in 2005 wherein royalties to Glay have ceased to be provided, leading for the four-man band to seek termination of their contract with the company.90s Visual Kei Cover Album".In the same year, their first "Expo" concert would lure a record audience of 200,000 people (see "Glay Expo.As a start to this celebration, Glay presented the concert "Rock Shock vol.
Oricon webpage's special page "Last Night: Glay at the Fillmore".

42 In 2002, they starred another campaign for Japan Airlines, promoting the interchange between Japan and China.In 2008, he starred a HIV awareness campaign with posters and a CM in which he has his own blood tested.And held "The Great Vacation.S.44 " AP Bank which was founded.26 On September 21, the band appeared in a concert by Kyosuke Himuro held in Hokkaido.49 Teru wrote and recorded a song called "Thank You for Your Love" to send a message of support to the victims and released it via Twitter.The song was used as the main theme for the movie Blood: The Last Vampire around Asia, chosen by producer Bill Kong.Eventually, hide of X Japan gave one of Glay's demos to his bandmate Yoshiki.This tour had a total of 15 performances in four venues and attracted a total audience of 750,000 people.33 Their first work under their new label was the single "Precious released on September 8, followed by their tenth studio album Glay, released on October.
Rally contributed a cover of Buck-Tick 's "Aku no Hana" for the tribute CD Parade -Respective Tracks of Buck-Tick.

Eventually they became better known on the Tokyo live house circuit, and began drawing larger crowds.
2 -90's V-Rock Best Hit Cover Songs-, released on November 23, 2011.