Null device is missing

View, however, I can't start or stop the checkers draughts game 4.0 driver like the others devices as the controls in the Driver property page for the null device are disabled.
I am using Windows XP professional.
Hope this helps, Matt "Breakpoint" Heck.
I can find the following options: Disable Uninstall Scan for hardware changes Properties.Hi Tony, Thank you for your update.Description of the Microsoft Windows Registry m/default.There's another important situation where you're going to want the NUL device: if you're installing some or all of the Cygwin unix solutions for Windows.Best regards, Jacob Yang, microsoft Online Partner Support.Under Device Usage select "Use this device (enable and then Click.When I select Properties, I also got two tabs.Just in case the platform-specific implementation of immediately throwing data into THE toilet AND obliterating IT, never TO BE seen again, until THE heat death OF THE universe, happened to be novel and innovative.Nov 16 '05 # 8 P: n/a Tony Liu Thanks you very much!In the Driver Tab, the current status is "Unknown and the Start and Stop buttons, and Startup Type combo box are disabled.Scroll to the Null selection, right click, and select properties.For information about how to back up, restore, and edit the registry, please check the following article.Please tell me which Operating System you are using.Please try it and tell me the result.In the General Tab, please make sure the following settings: 1) Device Status "This device is working properly.

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Nov 16 '05 # 3 P: n/a Jacob Yang msft Hi Tony, Thank you for your update.If you want it, I can a screen shot for your reference.I hope it helps.Is this device depending on some kind of Windows Services?But I am plenty of system resources and I logged in as Admin.Press CtrlAltDel to restart».The values of "Start" and "Type" should be "1" (Hex).Please perform the following step on your side after the step 7 on my previous post.Nov 16 '05 # 5 P: n/a Jacob Yang msft Hi Tony, I am sorry if there is any misunderstanding.In particular, if you're doing something like, oh, I don't know, to pick a completely random example, trying to put an SSH server on the damned thing so you can, just on a lark, say, log in and maintain.Ntldr is missing, press CtrlAltDel to Restart.
Please insert another disk.
Nov 16 '05 # 6 P: n/a Tony Liu I have Windows XP Pro with the lastest patch.

Tony "Jacob Yang msft" ji m wrote in message news:G @l.
In the Driver Tab, please make sure the following settings: 1) Current Status Status: Started 2) Type System I am looking forward to your result.
Nov 16 '05 # 7 P: n/a Jacob Yang msft Hi Tony, Thank you for your update.