Absaar battery charger manual

Charge voltage 12 or 24V, charging cable with insulated clamps handles.
Load power: 60 Amp, jump start: 320 Amp, battery capacity: 140-900.
Input voltage: AC110V240V 5060Hz, amperage: 2A/4A/7,5A, charge indicator: LED.
Switch for fast or normal loading.Automatic stop, charges lead acid batteries, AGM, Gel.Material: ABS, cE, GS certified, voltage: 6V / 12V 6V: Bikes, classic cars 12V: for batteries between 20Ah and 80Ah compatible with small and middle class cars, lawnmowers and scooters.Does not require manual disconnection after charging.Battery charger requires manual disconnection after charging or automatic define manual calculation in excel shutdown by timer).

Display : symbols, storage compartment for cables and clamps.Protection against overload, short-circuit, reverse polarity, it is spark-proof and protects your embedded electronics.Weight: 28,4 kg, dimensions: 660 x 385 x 295.Battery type: Plomb acid, AGM, fuse: 80 Amp (5x tUV, CE, linux mint 13 maia iso GS, EMC certified.Accessories : Insulated clamps.Benefits : Fast charge, compact design with carrying handle, automatic detection of 6 V or 12 V voltage.Ammeter, professional charging cable, jump starter function, jump starter function.Benefits : Battery charger with carrying handle and wheels.Screen: LCD, battery capacity: 2080Ah, dimensions: 150x90x182 mm, power supply: 220V.Battery Chargers - Smart, Automatic, Electronic, Professionnal.#26: Playa Del Seville - This tag is located along the road that is to the east of Location 25 (along the beach).
Switchable 6/12 Volt and car or motorcycle battery charging.

Standard charger requires manual disconnection after charging.