2009 scion tc repair manual

2009 scion tc repair manual

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This is turning into a most costly project than I wanted I'm also going to replace the drums.I did mine a couple of months ago, just using screwdrivers and pliers, and i just did not have enough hands, or fingers.3377 Westward 1EKA5 Brake Resetting Gauge ยป m/Westward- -2-fkmr0 Note: The new drums will have a anti-corrosion coating on the inside that has to be either washed off with soap and water or washed/sprayed out with brake cleaner.(think stuck lid on glass jar) if that doesn't work, i think there are threaded holes in the drum that you can crew the right size bolts into to push it hawkins electrical guide volume 1 pdf off.We are here to help you in your search for high quality OEM used auto parts.I don't know if it's just the shoes stuck to the drum or if something broke and got stuck between the shoe and drum.I am used to cars that have a little tighter clearance between the drums and backing plates.I only seen the brake line, bleeder and parkin' cable.It was a pain in the ass.Do it all and do it right so it will stay fixed (the parts that you worked on).This ensures you get the job done right the first time.

The rest of the times I just held the pad back with a screw driver and my leg.You put the shoes on and temporarily adjust them while testing the fit of the drum until it just barely touches when spinning by hand if you don't have the setup tool below.The adjusters threads should be lightly lubed with a thin coat of oil and the end caps should have a dab of grease inside and on the pin the cup spins on to lubricate it and have a little extra reserve.Search similar: Forums, tech / Special Interest uniqs 34613 chucky5150, divers do it Deeper join new Iberia, LA 1 edit, help Removing stuck brake drum, car: 2002ish Dodge Neon w/ auto trans.I'm curious, how difficult was it to reinstall the shoes with the right tools?Premium Member join: W30 to chucky5150 said by chucky5150 : Sorry it wasn't clear.There is some clicking noise when the tire tries to move.Page surfaces are clean.At least both sides will be new.(just kiddin ) neonhomer Dearborn 5-2750 Premium Member join: Edgewater, FL to chucky5150 said by chucky5150 : Does anyone know about what this would cost in the shop?Also Viewed, by Category, other Details, product Description.We buy low mileage cars with rust free body parts.Cjski The Wheel Weaves As The Wheel Will Premium Member join: Sun City, CA 1 edit hey chucky, it looks like your car has the same setup that mine has for the rear drums.If it does move at the hub contact point, does it feel like the brake hold down springs may be what is allowing the slight in/out movement or does the hub also move in/out with the drum as one piece?There isn't really enough room to get the tip of the brake spring pliers in to get the spring off.

I got the wheel off and now I'm trying to get the brake drum off.
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Normally it's not punched out until it's been used.