0x80070005 dllregister wuapi.dll failed

Once the wilcom 2006 sp3 crack antivirus is disabled, try to run the regsvr32 command now with proper administrative rights and see if the problem persists.
This problem shows up when trying to run the regsvr32 command on Systems with Windows Vista Home Premium (32 bit).
Exe ADD /v EnableLUA /t REG_dword /d 1 /f.
Note: Antivirus is important for the security of your computer as it helps protect your computer from a lot of threats.Same when using wine,.g.So, despite running Command Prompt as administrator, turning off UAC, confirming sufficient permissions on file and the folder it resides in, logging in with built-in Administrator account, the dllregisterServer errors persist.Method 2: Disabling User Account Control UAC.Type regsvr32 file path to run the command (Replace file path with the path of the actual file without the"s).It's almost as if there is an issue with the security model in his Vista, but I am guessing.
Basically when you disable UAC, the system wont ask you to confirm the administrative rights.

Otherwise check the log file for details.Also, keep in mind that the options might vary depending on the type of antivirus you are using.Chmod -v 755 Data/Package Cache.Double click the antivirus icon located in the right bottom corner of the screen.The steps below provided information on how to do this.Thanks again for your help.
Once the antivirus screen opens, look for an option to disable the antivirus.

So if you are still facing some issues after following the methods 1 and 2 then try disabling your antiviruses.